Key Components of a great essay

A great essay is built on the structure and components of the essay. This is what we’ll cover in this article, as its crucial for buyers and sellers to know what will make or break their essay. There are 3 parts to a great essay (in our view) 1) The introduction 2) The body of the text and 3) The conclusion. No one part is more important, it’s the combination that counts. Introduction

So, the introduction. In this you’ll need 3 little sub-points to give your introduction a good structure, they are

  • The opening -give a little context to the question, for example an essay about Elizabeth I might start with a sentence summing up her background, her roots, her reign as a whole. This is important as it gives a sense of authority, that you know the entirety of your subject, inside and out.
  • The middle – What is the question asking about? If it’s about 3 revolutions, go through and briefly say what they each where and when they happened
  • The ending – what is your view? What side of the argument will you be backing? Who is right and who is wrong in your opinion?

Body of the text

This is a really important part of the text. Following the simple rule of “PEE” will guarantee that your essay covers the points needed concisely, clearly and with as little “fluff” as possible.

Point. What point are you trying to make with this paragraph? Get straight to the point. For example: Elizabeth the First succeeded at quelling the Northern Rebellion because she moved troops quickly. Simple to the point and precise.

Evidence. Quite an obvious point. You need to say who agrees with your point and what statistics back up your point.

Explanation. This is really important. You need to go through and explain what your point means in relation to the question, and what your evidence shows to answer the question. A good hint is to answer the question in one line here, relating to the point.


This is where you tie your essay together, weaving in all the points you’ve made. You also need to answer the question!

It is a good idea to get some evaluation in here, so saying things like “all points are valid, but the most valid statement is that…”. This is beneficial as it will not only show the person reading that you know what you’re talking about, but it will also help to clarify the strongest and weakest arguments in your own opinion, and only by having it clear in your mind can you successfully persuade other people.

So, the key components of a great essay are three fold:

  • The introduction – this is the place to give some context to the question and to tell the reader what direction you intend to steer the essay in (regarding which side of the argument you will take)
  • The body of your text is where you take each argument and put your point across.
  • The conclusion is like the ribbon on a present – holding it all together!

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