How to Start Writing For A Living

If you want to start writing for a living, you will need the most basic requirement, a portfolio! This is what we will cover in this article.

Those who really want to completely please the employer with their talent, the best option they have is to make a perfect portfolio. A portfolio is the most effective method to commune the strengths and quality to the interviewer. It is more powerful a weapon than words to show passion and devotion to the organization. To create a portfolio, the first thing one requires is resume copy. It shows how much experience the applicant has and level of expertise. Most employers look for those candidates who show more skills than advertised. So, with such proof in their hand, employers get to know more about the skills and qualities than normally an applicant fails to explain because of some pressure. They also determine some of the hidden strengths that the interviewee does not know about himself.

Next are the work samples which are the proof to show that whatever is written in the resume is true and also represents some other recognizable task done by the candidate. It can be writings like press releases, newsletters, memos, scripts, reports, white papers and advertising copy. Add service testimonials that include success stories and client references. Design samples such as conceptual sketches, brochures and code flow diagrams can be included. Take account of performance reviews but the best ones and recommendation letters from earlier organizations. Include copy of training and award certificates. It will involve photographs and paperwork in case one has been an ’employee of the month’.

Add a list of achievements such as some special tasks done that were beyond the normal job responsibility.

The examples can be how much money and time one saved for the organization, some major issues resolved and any action taken to avoid any disaster. Further one can also include when one worked late night to complete the deadline or worked for the whole weekend or showed dedication for keeping customer’s promises and that too within the budget etc.

Many times, what happens is that one does not get a chance to expose some of the unrevealed qualities due to lack of the right exposure and push by the company. One can enlist such features in the portfolio. These are like responsibilities that one can handle at their best and tasks one would have done perfectly in accordance with right opportunity. Things one would like to do in future that are for the benefits of the company and activities that one can undertake by little training are also great to add.

To prove how one is beneficial for the company is important for the applicant. The interviewer must know that why they should hire the candidate and how company will benefit by that. It is often difficult being an applicant to explain why it is only him who deserves to be there. Describe values developed on the basis of personal life story or some unique talent and god gift. Explain long term objectives and some issues that one prefers to resolve first.

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